Old Licking County Jail  Public Ghost Hunt Sat July 18th 2015


The United Paranormal Project is hosting another Public Ghost Hunt of the Old Haunted Licking County Jail www.parajail.com this Saturday July 18th 2015 check in is 7:45 and the event runs from 8pm to 3 am. order tickets online at http://www.parajail.com/public-ghost-hunts.php to be sure of a spot or take your chances buying them at the door the night of the event but be warned they can sell out.

Decades after the last inmate walked out of the old Licking County jail, echoes of the lives spent within its walls and the deaths that have occurred here still resonate among the empty cells.

The Old Jail has had far more than its share of horror. It was built in an age where punishment was deemed more important than correction and in a place where corruption was as likely an outcome as justice. The Imposing structure was designed to look more like an ancient castle and has more in common with the Tower of London than with any modern correctional facility. The Jailor/Sherriff and his family lived within these glum walls as well as the inmates and within the walls of this Castle like structure 4 of the Sheriff's died, along with over a dozen inmates. Infamous murderers including "The Hand Saw Slayer", "The 22 Caliber Serial Killers", "The Proposal Day Murderer" and many more were housed here, but the most infamous death/killing here at the old jail was so shocking it made national news., that of Carl Etherington, a Dry-Agent Detective being held at the jail for protection from an angry mob of over a thousand people who had gathered demanding he be turned over to them to face their lynch mob justice. They stormed the jail and rammed the North entrance of the jail door down before finally gaining entry. They rushed up to the second floor cell block where Etherinton was being held and beat him to death with a hammer. The mob then drug him out of the jail and up to the Southeast side of the Town Square where they lynched him to a telegraph pole. It is said that nearly 5,000 people including women and children all came to take a peak at the hanging agent.

Then there is the case of "Laura Devlin" a 72 year old women who went mad and killed her husband then cut his arms and legs off with a hand saw and placed his arms and head in her oven and cooked them who also called the old jail her temporary home for awhile.

 Alot of paranormal phenomina has been witnessed and even recorded at the jail during investigations and as renovation of the historic building continues activity seems to be on the rise. An apparition has been caught on video stalking behind an investigator in the matrons/women's section on the 4th floor. Another apparition has been caught in photographs standing in the basement/ dungeon under the jail. And an astounding photograph of David, a dark spirit up in the matrons quarters has been captured as well as evps and ghost box clips of this spirit communicating with our own investigators and others.