RIP Debby Constantino, may she find peace on the other side. it is truely a tragedy that domestic violence has taken such a turn and wiped out a family that many of us in the field held in high regard.



Ghost Adventures Couple, Mark, Debby Constantino Found Dead in Daughter's Apartment

sept 24th 2015  US

Paranormal investigators Mark and Debby Constantino, and a third unidentified man, were killed on Tuesday, Sept. 22, in Sparks, Nevada, in what appears to be a domestic violence incident turned deadly.

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The couple, who starred in the Travel Channel reality show Ghost Adventures, were both found dead in their adult daughter's apartment after a standoff with police. The couple, who were estranged, were tracked to the address after another unidentified man was found dead at Debby's home.

According to Nevada’s KTVN, police eventually discovered that she was being held hostage by Mark in their daughter's apartment. Attempts at negotiating with the husband failed, and eventually a S.W.A.T. team broke down the apartment door and found they were both already dead.

The couple, who were electronic voice phenomena (EVP) experts, have had numerous recent run-ins with the law due to domestic violence complaints, KTVN also reports. In August, Mark was charged with kidnapping, domestic battery by strangulation, and domestic battery against Debby, after which she obtained a restraining order against him. Their daughter was also charged as an accomplice in the incident.

Police say Mark was a suspect in the death of the unidentified man found in the apartment Debby had been living in.

Despite being estranged, the couple appeared to share a Facebook page which showcased much of their work as paranormal experts. Fans and former colleagues have flocked to the page to pay tribute to the couple they describe as "the nicest people," and to share memories of ghost hunting with them.