Hello everyone, first off to those of you who have went out of your way to read these blogs over the years, Thank You.

 I have pretty much let this blog sit unused for quite some time for which i apologise. My life has changed a lot over the last seven or so years as a wife and a family and two kids have come to the forfront of my everyday activities. I have ended up cutting back on my paranormal excursions to maybe a half dozen trips and investigations and just one or two out of state trips a year. I have also cut back a on hosting paranormal events for the United Paranormal Project from the 30 or 40 I was doing at one point down to a dozen or so a year now.

 I still get out and do a bit of cemetery photography now and then but I have stopped doing any urban exploration. the most I might do is take a couple pics from the road if I pass by an amazing site nowadays. I really enjoyed experiencing exploring those amazing places but personally my days doing that our done.

 Now onto what I have been up to. Many a long night as I have hosted another group at haunted locations like the Old Licking County jail or the Twin City opera House or the Bryn Du Mansion I have been sitting there after the tour typing away writing a book. I have always been an avid reader and after years of putting it off I finally made myself sit down and try my hand at writing. A couple weeks ago I published my first book up on Amazon. So without further ado here is a link to my book. Its been doing pretty well overall considering its my first attempt at writing and a lot of people have really liked the story. I intend for it to be the first part of a trilogy and in addition to this story i also have another seperate book written and going through editing right now in a second series. So please wish me luck as i set out in this new direction.  As far as news about this blog and website, Lost and Found Ohio and all the paranormal and cemetery galleries here. They will remain up and be added to. I have slowed down but I am not completely stopping my previoius hobbies. I just have a back log of pictures and adventures to get put up now. I will be uploading and sharring many more places and pictures and investigations as i work through gatting more of last years locations up onto the site.

The Dungeon Con


The Dungeon Con on Goodreads

Have you ever had one of those days? Today is that day for Hank Graves, local game master, and all around good guy. But no one has ever had quite the day that he is setting off for when he takes his girlfriend off for a weekend getaway to role play and cosplay at this year's Dungeon Con. No sir, today is a day the likes of which Hank Grave will never forget and neither will you after you have read The Dungeon Con Adventure. Dumped by his girlfriend, kidnapped by a demon and taken to another world before being changed into a dungeon by a lich and that’s just the start of Hanks problems. Can He manage to find a way out of all this mystical grief or will a fantasy world much like the ones he has always fantasized about be enough to seal his fate.